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7 Performance-Based Detailing for Bridge Columns OST Advanced Research University of Kansas Active
4 Waste Cooking Oil Bio-Diesel Conversion & Characterization OST Advanced Research University of Kansas Active
26 Biodiesel Monitoring Program in Cooperation with RIT OST Advanced Research Rochester Institute of Technology Active
47 Downstream Fuel Quality OST Advanced Research Active
89 Sustainable Cropping Systems for Harvesting Corn Stover for Biomass OST Advanced Research Iowa State University Completed
113 Online Demonstration and Measurement of Renewable Energy Technologies OST Advanced Research Pennsylvania State University Completed
137 Expanding Production Area and Alternative Energy Crop Market of Proso Millet for Water Deficient Lands OST Advanced Research Colorado State University Completed
138 Using Crude Glycerin in High Forage Diets � A Way to Improve the Profitability of Biodiesel Production OST Advanced Research West Texas A&M University Completed
140 Investigation/Simulation of Environmental Impacts and Economic Impacts and Economic Feasibility for Sweet Sorghum as a Sustainable Bioenergy Crop in South Central United States to Help Meet EISA Goals OST Advanced Research Kansas State University Completed
143 Effect of Harvest Logistics on Productivity and Supply of Biomass Sorghum throughout the Cropping Season OST Advanced Research Texas A&M, Texas Agralife Research Active